Statement Due Diligence Policy

With the realization of the IMVO covenant ‘Responsible gold’, the Dutch gold sector is committed to promoting corporate social responsibility in the international gold value chain. The covenant is a collective effort from a wide coalition of the government, jewellers, recyclers, smelters, social organisations and goldsmiths.

With the signing of the IMVO covenant ‘Responsible gold’, Aunexum Precious Metals Group is committed to working towards a responsible gold value chain by working in line with the OESO Due Diligence Guidance. As part of the agreement, Aunexum Precious Metals Group makes the following statement which is shared with the other companies which have signed the covenant.

As agreed, Aunexum Precious Metals Group will develop a value chain policy for gold, gold products and/or recycling in line with the OESO Due Diligence Guidance and we will encourage our suppliers/buyers to also do so.

The aim of the IMVO covenant ‘Responsible gold’ is to realize a material positive impact within the gold value chain and to reduce negative impacts regarding human rights, the environment and/or illegal activities which are related to the gold value chain. We share this vision and will dedicate ourselves to achieving this goal as soon as possible. In order to achieve this goal, Aunexum Precious Metals Group will take the following measures:

  • Develop a value chain policy in line with Annex II of the OESO Due Diligence Guidance, make this available to the public, implement this policy within our own operational management and report on this on an annual basis.
  • Enhance the involvement with our suppliers/buyers in order to encourage them to implement a value chain policy consistent with the OESO Due Diligence Guidance.
  • Communicate, openly and on an annual basis, about how many of our suppliers/buyers work in accordance with the OESO Guidelines.