Aunexum Precious Metals Group signs gold covenant

Aunexum Precious Metals Group signs gold covenant

9 August 2018 News 0

Precious Metals Company Aunexum Precious Metals Group joins the covenant Responsible Gold. This makes it the thirteenth company to participate. Together with the NGOs, trade unions, government and supporters, there are now 22 participants in this covenant.

Aunexum Precious Metals Group includes companies that trade in various precious metal products and services. These include buying and selling for private individuals, storage and recycling of gold. The company also provides services such as financing, hedging and leasing.

“We think it’s important to be socially responsible. With our companies, we oversee the entire precious metal chain, so that we actually have a significant role to play”, said director Vincent Kersten at the signing of the covenant.

“How wonderful it is that, together with our partners and customers, we can take steps to raise awareness about the origin of precious metals! We can also make the sector more sustainable. In addition, it is important that we sit down directly with partners to actually implement changes,” says Kersten.

As part of Aunexum, Gold Standard focuses on the purchase and sale of precious metals, mainly in the form of bars and coins, to private individuals. AunexumSafe takes care of the storage of precious metals in the Netherlands and Switzerland. Gold Standard has an AFM license for offering precious metal in combination with storage.

Aunexum collects demolition gold, such as old rings and chains, from about one hundred and fifty jewellers with its company BGP Edelmetaal. This demolition gold is processed by sister company Elephant Refinery that refines ‘demolition’ into raw materials such as gold and silver. Elephant Refinery also recycles old electronics (such as printed circuit boards), industrial (residual) products and dental gold, which often contains various other rare raw materials in addition to gold and silver.